NEED is your cancer protection system


NEED’s global, AI-powered technology platform protects you from cancer through 3 modes

before, during and after cancer


When you’re healthy, Need continually analyzes your data to help prevent and detect cancer early

Complete healthy actions to boost your Need Score, which helps ensure you are maximally protected from cancer

View personalized cancer screening guidelines based on the latest standards to help detect cancer as early as possible

Store your data in our Health Wallet and get personalized, AI-driven insights to improve your health and cancer protection

Get trusted answers to cancer questions and concerns, including if you have symptoms and need to use Treatment Mode

treatment mode

Upon a cancer diagnosis, Need empowers your doctor to deliver the best possible treatment

Wherever you are treated, Need rapidly collects all your medical data and securely stores them in our advanced technology platform

For your doctor

Need’s AI-powered technology platform analyzes your data, provides your doctor with access to the latest global treatment guidelines and research, and connects your doctor to a global team of cancer experts

Need provides you with continuous support from our dedicated team of cancer nurses throughout your treatment journey

Recovery MODE

Need provides holistic support after your cancer treatment, helping you get back on your feet quickly

View state-of-the-art survivorship guidelines to help detect cancer recurrences early and manage any treatment-related side effects

Get continual guidance and support to improve your physical and emotional health from the Need App and our dedicated nurses

Report any symptoms and re-activate Treatment Mode right away if your cancer returns

NEED partners with  Hanwha Life Insurance  in Korea to help their  policyholders achieve  the best cancer outcome.